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What should you include in a Social Media Package?

Think like a client: Why waste more money online without getting great results?

When selling your services, your Social Media packages should be your top priority. You want to build a list of repeat customers and not just one-off projects.

There will always be clients looking for services tailored to their specific needs. You’ll lose out on potential clients if you don’t consider them.

You will first need to analyze the offerings of your competitors in order to determine your Social Media pricing. What are they offering in terms of pricing for their social media packages What is the difference between your package? What might your perceived value be for those differences?

A list of optional extras can be a way to give more customization. You can create awareness, build relationships and be the trusted resource for your ideal clients.

Before you create social media packages, keep the following questions in mind:

  • Who should use our social media tools?
  • Why do small businesses need social media packages
  • What can you expect from our social media packages
  • Which social media platforms will your package cover?
  • What content will you write vs. what will you see?
  • What number of unique posts will each post have?
  • Are you responsible for creating it all from scratch?
  • How much time do you plan to spend on active engagement?
  • What number of sets of revisions are included in the package price?
  • Are you willing to include advertising or boosting budgets in your packages?
  • How will you measure results? and what kind of report do you need to share with the client?

This will ensure that everyone involved understands what they are responsible for. Anything not included in the package will incur an additional cost. It is important to be clear about your processes and packages, especially the submission and approval processes.


Question 1. What is the value of SMO for small businesses?

Small businesses can use social media to interact with customers. Social media can help you increase brand awareness, connect with customers, and grow your customer base.

Question 2. What should be included within a package?

Social media management that is platform-specific – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube….Pinterest?

Promotional and paid ads

Copy and creativity


Management of the community

Visual content creation

Content creation on-site

Influencer outreach

Question 3. What are the business benefits of using social media?

Attract customers, gather feedback from them and build customer loyalty.

Expand your market reach to international markets.

Market research is a great way to reduce marketing costs.

Increase your revenue through advertising and customer networks.

Create your brand.

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